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What's the Mav Follow Up Playbook?

Ditch voicemail follow ups. Run our Automated Follow Up Playbook. Convert 3X more leads.

This article applies to the Mav Follow Up Playbook, one of several available to you with Mav. Learn more about our Playbooks here.

Following up closes the sale.

Don't believe us?

  • 80% of sales require FIVE follow-ups after the initial contact [1]
  • 50% of sales go to the vendor that stays top of mind and responds first [2]

The majority of sales reps don't follow up correctly

  • The average sales rep only makes TWO attempts to reach a prospect [3]
  • 44% of sales reps give up after one follow-up [4]

Following up sucks. It's repetitive, time consuming, and quite honestly, you feel like you're harassing your prospects. Are they even still interested??

What if you could completely automate your follow ups?

High Res Turn This


This could be you, with the Automated Follow Up Playbook by Mav.

Here's how it works:

1. Enter your prospect's info into Mav. Quickly add a name and a phone number and Mav will take over your follow up.

2. Mav automatically texts to see if they're still interested. An average person responds to an SMS message in 90 seconds, while only 4.8% of voicemails are responded to.[5] Replace calls with texts and get answers.

3. Mav keeps following up.  Automate personalized and timely follow ups so you can convert more cold leads. Day 1 or Day 58, Mav will follow up.

If you already have the Follow Up Playbook enabled in your Mav account, head here to learn how to get started.

Interested in adding the Follow Up Playbook to your account? Let us know!


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