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What is Mav?

Mav helps you convert more leads by turning qualifying, quoting, and following up with leads into automated, two-way text conversations.

Right off the bat, let's talk about why we built Mav. We wanted to find a way to leverage text messages to help people like you convert more leads.

Why text messaging?

  • Automated texting converts better: An average person responds to an SMS message in 90 seconds, while only 4.8% of voicemails are returned.
  • Automated texting is smarter: Automated texting creates a communication layer between your business and the customer. With Mav you can: send personalized two-way messages at scale, follow up consistently and integrate with CRMs and 100s of other platforms.

What makes Mav special?

  • Automated Playbooks: Mav solves sales problems. Our playbooks turn daily time-consuming sales tasks into automated, two-way text conversations, and they're ready to run on day one.
  • Smart Texting Windows: Mav knows when to text and follow up with your leads with tested and perfected texting windows. Leads can text back 24/7 even when your business isn't open.
  • Automated Workflows: Build automated workflows with our integration marketplace. Mav will know when to start texting and when and where to deliver your lead data.