What is the Mav Lead Inbox? 📥

The Mav Lead Inbox is the place for you to see all the leads Mav is working and the current status of each lead.

The Mav Lead Inbox functions much like a typical CRM. You will see your list of leads, their status, and can click in and see all of the qualification questions.

List View

The main section of the Mav Inbox is the List View. This displays all leads that Mav has worked. The Lead inbox is sorted based on last active.

Lead Status Types

Each lead will have an associated status. Here is an overview of each status supported by Mav:

  • New - When a lead is manually added via quick add, this is the status before Mav starts communicating with the lead.
  • Active - When Mav is engaged in an active conversation with the lead, you will see this status.
  • Nurturing - Mav is actively nurturing and following up with the lead.
  • Qualified - Mav has completed qualifying the user and the user is qualified.
  • Unqualified - Mav has completed qualifying the user and the user is un-qualified.
  • Opt-Out - When the user has opted-out of texting from Mav.

Lead View

You can click into a lead and see the lead details. Inside, you will see all of the answers to questions Mav asks the user.




Enrichment Data

Mav also tries to "enrich" the user based on public information it can find about the user online. Here is an example of what an enriched user will look like inside the Lead View:



Important Note: Enriched data is unconfirmed and should only be used to verify and/or provide extra context on the user.