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What are best practices for contacting Mav leads? 📲

Mav generates live text transfer leads. Here are our best practices to make sure lead handoff from is seamless from robot to human sales rep.

Below are a few best practices for call centers or sales reps when contacting Mav leads. 

Lead Introduction

All leads will be introduced to you and will be expecting your text or call. This is the same with self-generated leads and leads from Mav's Mortgage Network.

To help illustrate this, here is a example of what a consumer sees:


Mav Reference

Typically, we recommend sales reps refer to us as "Mav, our automated texting robot".

AKA: "Hi Charley, Mav our automated texting robot handed over your information to me. I have a few additional questions to get you pre-qualified."

Respect Preferred Method of Communication

Every lead provides their preferred way of contacting. Usually, this is either Call or Text. Always respect this. If the user prefers to be texted please text them first. If they prefer to be called, please call them first. 

💡Bonus points - If you're experiencing difficulty getting in contact with your leads run our Follow Up Playbook.

Confirm, Don't Re-Ask 

Mav provides a lot of information to you on the lead. Always make sure to review the information and "confirm" the information vs re-asking lead information.

AKA: "I see you're looking to buy in California, is that still the case?"

Timely Response

Lastly, since leads will be interacting with an automated experience, we highly recommend having a timely response. Even if the first response is automated on your end it's better than contacting the lead 48-72 hours later.


As always, contact our support team if you need help thinking through the handoff process and how to make it seamless.