How do I add Mav to my Instagram? 📸

Add Mav to your instagram profile and automatically enable your leads to text Mav.

This article applies to the Mav Pre-Qualification Playbookone of several available to you with Mav. Learn more about our Playbooks here.

Adding a text button to your Instagram business profile is one of the easiest ways to let Mav help you convert more leads.


We've included a video below walking through how easy it is to add your Mav Number to your Instagram profile, and also a step by step guide:


  1. Make sure you have an Instagram business profile (learn more here)
  2. Go to your profile and click ""Edit Profile"
  3. Go to "Contact Options"
  4. Click "Business Phone Number" and enter your Mav Number
  5. Select "Text" Under "How would you like to be reached"
  6. Click "Done" then "Save"
  7. Congrats! You now have a shiny new "Text" button on your profile that will instantly start a conversation with Mav.


See it in action:


Any questions? Reach out!